Musician’s Corner

Shot and beer specials

The Nervous Duane -11
(plays Friday, Monday, Weds afternoons 1pm-4pm)
16oz Envie Draught and a Caipiroska Shot (Stoli vodka, lime, sugar)

The Justin Donovan -11
(plays Friday and Saturday 6pm-10pm)
Hopitoulas Draught, shot of Jack & a Coke back

The Will Dickerson -10
(plays Saturday afternoons 1pm-4pm)
Mimosa & Deep Eddy’s Ruby Red Lemon Drop

The Steve Mignano -9
(plays most Saturday nights 10pm til the party stops)
Shot of Jack & a High Life

The Heather Holloway –15
(plays Sunday Brunches 1pm-4pm)
The Heebie Jeebie 75 (Herradura silver, Poema sparkling rose’, lime juice, sugar) & a shot of Bulleit

The Shan Kenner -13
(plays Every first Sunday 8pm-12am)
Reasonably Corrupt Black Lager paired with a shot of Jameson Caskmates Irish Whiskey

The Mark Appleford -10
(plays Tuesday afternoons 3pm-7pm and some Friday nights)
Abita Purple Haze and a shot of chilled Fireball

The Shark Attack -11
(Plays Surf Rock most Tuesday Nights 7pm-11pm)
Canebrake Draught with a shot of Powers

The Beardsley -12
(Plays Wednesday Afternoons 5pm-9pm)
Magners Cider & a shot of Hornitos with lime

The Matt Galloway -10
(Plays Wednesday Nights 9pm til the party stops)
Holy Roller IPA in a Can and a Shot of Jameson

Buy a Musician a round during their set.
And Drink like a local all night!